Why Yearly Maintenance is so Important for Your Heating and Air System

Preventative HVAC Maintenance

Just like your car, a heating & air conditioning system needs regular maintenance. Also, just like your car, regular maintenance might seem like a huge inconvenience. In the long run, it saves a lot of money. Thinking about your heating and air conditioning system in the same way that you might think about the longevity of your car’s engine will ultimately prevent major issues and keep your air conditioning unit in top shape, extending its life and leaving you with a heavier wallet down the road. A heating & air conditioning system uses motors and bearings that require routine lubrication. They also contain electrical connections and safety devices that need to be checked and secured.


HVAC Service

Dust & debris are not your friends. No one likes a messy house, but often dirt and dust are ignored when you cannot see them. This extends to your heating & air unit – and if you’ve been sneezing far more than usual, it is probably because you have a dirty system blowing dust and spores into your home. Air conditioning units are also prone to issues unless they get proper cleaning because it causes them to work overtime because of the dirt and dust buildup. Calling us to clean out your HVAC unit can save you on more substantial repairs down the road.

Worn down parts cause worn-down systems. When you have us do basic heating & air maintenance, part of what we do is lubricate and make sure all the elements of your system are in working order. The lubrication allows parts to function correctly and avoid overheating, which means that your electricity bill is not so high. Additionally, it will enable us to identify and replace any parts that might be operating out of manufacturer specifications. This helps to avoid bigger repairs down the road. Replacing these parts is key to keeping the system running at its peak efficiency.


HVAC Issues

Keeping on top of little issues gives you peace of mind. The small problems, like lubrication, cleaning, blower component inspection, and your condensate drain can take a toll on the life of your system and your home. Clogged condensate drains cause millions of dollars of home damage every year from water leaks. Loss of lubrication causes motors and bearing to overheat and fail. Caked on dust and dirt causes components to overheat and fail.

If you’ve not had your heating & air conditioning system checked in a while, now is the time. Your comfort (and the comfort of your wallet) may be at stake.

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