Should You Repair or Replace Your Heating and Air Conditioning System?

Heating and Air Repair vs Replacement

There comes a time in the lives of heating & air conditioning systems when they experience issues and break down. From loud noises coming from the system; to cooling-related failures that happen on the hottest days of the year. Each repair of a home heating or air conditioning comes with a pressing question. Do I fix the issue and hope for the best, or do I replace the whole system? Asking yourself a few critical questions before you make the decision will help you make the right choice.


Heating and Air Energy Costs

Does the cost of heating or cooling your home increase each year?

Homeowners can expect the rates at which they heat and cool their homes to increase each year due to energy prices and a loss of system efficiency. Every year motors and bearings will begin to wear. It will take more energy to make them operate at normal speed. Is your system is otherwise functioning correctly, but your utility bills have gone up steadily over time? It could be a sign that your system may be reaching its end of life cycle. The last couple of years for a heating and air conditioning system is the most expensive period of its life. Replacing your system before it goes through this stage can save you thousands of dollars on repairs; while improving your comfort and reducing your utility bills. Do you think your system is getting close to the end of its life? It is usually worth a call to us and let us take a look at your system and make recommendations on whether your system needs replacement. It might seem like a considerable investment, but once you make it, you’ll notice the quality of your comfort increase and the price of your utility bills decrease.


Heating and Air Indoor Environments

Does your home feel warmer or cooler than average?

You can tell the difference between a home with a properly functioning ventilation system and one with an old system. If you’ve noticed a steady decline in the warmth or coolness of your home’s air, hot or cold rooms or new noises it could be a sign that the time to replace is getting near.


Heating and Air Costs

Are you spending thousands of dollars on repairs on your heating & air system each year?

The last question you should ask yourself is whether it is worth it to keep fixing your system. On average, a heating & air conditioning system should not need more than a repair every couple of years, so if you find yourself funneling more and more money into repairs, it might be time update your system.

Most people hope a simple repair is all your heating & air system needs, but all HVAC systems will slowly lose efficiency with component wear and need to be replaced. The one thing we can guarantee is that we will only recommend that you replace your system if it’s actually a smart decision. We want to be your heating and air conditioning company for life, not just sell you a new system.

If you are not sure if you should replace your current system or to get a second opinion when someone else has recommended replacement, then contact us to schedule a consultation now.