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The History of Roswell

Roswell, Georgia, is a beautiful city rich in history and culture. The lush land was observed by Roswell King during travel through the upper part of the state in 1830, and the realization that the area was perfect for cotton growing and production led to the development of the area. King’s mill eventually became the largest in the region. The Civil War and consequent ending of slavery played a role in changing the success of cotton related work in the area. However, Roswell is one of the largest cities in Georgia and has continued to grow dramatically.

Local Demographic Information

The Roswell population in the United States Census of 2010 was recorded at 88,346. The ethnic composition of the region includes 74.7 percent white, 16.6 percent Latino, 11.7 percent African American, and small percentages of Asian Indian, Native American and Pacific Islander. 24.4 percent of the population is under the age of 18 while 7.5 percent is represented by ages 65 and older. Median income for households is just over $74,000 while approximately 5 percent of the population is below the poverty line.

Points of Interest for Visitors and Residents

The area is beautiful, filled with wonderful park areas that encourage active lifestyles through walking, hiking and sports. Streams and creeks provide water recreation opportunities while biking and walking paths combine activity with exceptional scenic views. The community has an active beautification program dedicated to keeping streams and roads clean and attractive.

Historic sites include a number of homes that allow visitors to peek back into the early days of the region.Bulloch Hall has ties to fame through the marriage of Mittie Bulloch to Theodore Roosevelt, Sr. Smith Plantation is an educational spot for learning about the founding of the area. Primrose Cottage is another example of an original spot in the area that now addresses needs of the community as an events facility. A variety of activities take place throughout the year to commemorate special events or to honor members of the community.

Community Resources

In addition to exploring historic areas, visitors and residents can enjoy a variety of entertainment options. Dining and commerce are also quite exciting with charming decor and architecture lending to the intrigue of the area.

Shopping and Dining

Explore art shops, antique stores and second hand boutiques for all sorts of treasures from different eras. You can enjoy the charm of Canton Street or Belgian Bay. Modern franchises are abundant as well. Dining options range from fast food to artisan bakeries. You can enjoy high class dining rooms like Aqua Blue or eclectic choices like The Fickle Pickle.


Roswell offers a variety of public and private schools for educational needs. Additionally, there are several child care choices for parents. There are specialized schools to address the needs of students dealing with autism or learning challenges. Teaching Museum North is a unique site for students of all ages to learn about political, historical and social interests. Local post-secondary studies can be pursued at institutions such as Strayer University and University of Phoenix.

Home Care and Services

The Roswell atmosphere is charming, continuing to attract newcomers. Reliable services are always important for homeowners, and hot summer months can be especially challenging for those who aren’t accustomed to the combined heat and humidity. Air conditioning service enables locals to keep their homes safe and comfortable. Air conditioning repair can be an urgent issue when there are problems, and it’s important to research ahead of time so that prompt and dependable assistance can be obtained.

Neese-Jones has served the needs of members of the Roswell community for more than two decades. Specializing in air conditioner service and repair, we are at your service for comprehensive HVAC needs throughout the year.

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