Programmable & WiFi Thermostats

Put Precise Temperature Control in Your Hands

Are you searching for a relatively simple home improvement capable of yielding big energy-saving results in your Georgia home? Consider the installation of a programmable or WiFi thermostat.


When properly installed and configured, this handy electronic device helps maintain a comfortable indoor climate, extends the lifetime of your HVAC system, and helps the environment, all while reducing your household’s overall energy use, leading to lower energy bills and increased home savings.

How It Works

You’re very likely aware that your home’s thermostat is responsible for maintaining your selected indoor temperature. The device works by detecting a room’s temperature and using this feedback to control the building’s heating and cooling systems. Often, people prefer having different temperatures at different times or while conducting different activities. For example, you might want your heating or cooling unit to work less while you’re away at work, or you might desire a cooler bedroom at night. A programmable thermostat allows temperature settings to either rise or lower, depending on the season’s heating and cooling needs and, where applicable, the requirements of specific household zones being controlled. Ideal candidates for programmable thermostats are families who regularly spend time away from the home – for example, when parents work standard job hours while kids maintain a daytime school schedule.

Primary Types of Programmable Thermostats

  • Heat only. This type only works when a single heating appliance is being used.
  • Cool only. Similar to above, this type of thermostat only works when a single cooling unit or source is used.
  • Single stage heat/cool. Popular for many Georgia residents, this thermostat controls both the heating and cooling sources. This could include the control of a central air conditioning system and a baseboard heating system.
  • Multi-stage heat/cool. For larger homes, this type might be preferable as it can be used to control multiple heating and cooling systems and sources.
  • Electric heat/line voltage. This thermostat type is specific to electric heaters and baseboard systems.
  • Heat pump. While most multi-stage heat/cool programmable thermostats can control a heat pump, if you want solitary control, this specialized thermostat is designed for air- and ground-source heat pumps.
  • Millivolt. If you have a system that utilizes a pilot light, such as gas-fired furnace or fireplace, rather than an electrical circuit, you should consider this thermostat type.

Choosing a Model

carrier-logoProgrammable thermostats are becoming the increasingly desirable alternative to standard, non-programmable models, because of their ability to heat and cool areas based on the user’s daily and weekly schedule. Many unites have four “set points” allowing temperatures to be controlled for morning, daytime, evening and overnight use. A few also offer exact, 24-hour programmability. When you choose your programmable thermostat, you will have a choice between three key models: 7-day, 5+2 day, and 5-1-1 model.

  • 7-day model. Ideal for people with erratic or irregular schedules, the 7-day model allows you to customize temperature settings specific for each day of the week. For example, if you work Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday, you can create separate schedules for your work days and your days off.
  • 5+2 model. This model is ideal for those with a fairly regular and standardized schedule. The thermostat is programmable for Monday through Friday, with a separate setting available for both Saturday and Sunday.
  • 5-1-1 model. Similar to the 5+2 Model, the 5-1-1 keeps a set Monday through Friday setting, while also allowing separate codings between Saturday and Sunday.

The Benefits

  • Money-saving. By eliminating the need to run heating and cooling systems at full force while your family is asleep or away from the work, programmable thermostats significantly reduce your household energy use. Simply program your thermostat to condition or heat your home’s air an hour before you arrive home, so that you can enjoy the full comfort of your indoor environment without spending unnecessary money and energy.
  • HVAC life-extending. Because your heating and cooling systems run less often when controlled by a programmable thermostat, they undergo less wear and tear. This can delay expensive repairs and replacements while also extending the lifetime of key unit components.
  • An environmental aide. When you reduce your home energy use, not only are you reducing your home energy bill, but you’re also reducing your carbon footprint.

To learn more about programmable thermostats and their benefits, or for information on other energy-efficient HVAC products and solutions, contact your local professionals at Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling. Our exceptional team of NATE-certified technicians have been providing quality services to Alpharetta and North Metro Atlanta residents since 1992.