Is an air purifier right for your home?

Air Purifier Filtration System –Alpharetta, GA

Flag Day is June 14 as we prepare to wave our red, white and blue outside, Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling wants to know how your air quality is inside. We are proud to be your air conditioning, heating, and indoor air quality team. We want to provide you with clean purified air. If you suffer from allergies, asthma, own a pet, have children, are elderly, a tobacco user or therefore would just like overall better health you need an air purifier system for your home or office. Now through the end of June, we have a great deal on the Carrier Infinity air-purifier filtration system. We offer a free estimate, affordable financing and also always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Benefits to Carrier Air Purification System –Alpharetta

An air purification system is essential in the state of Georgia. A recent study shows that 97% of homes have lower than acceptable levels of indoor air quality. Without an air purifier system, the only means of filtration is from your traditional HVAC system. This means dust, dirt, pollen, allergens, humidity, mold, mildew, pet dander, odors, and also other unknown particles and pollutants are circulating your home and inhaled in your lungs. An air purifier system is a device that is used in a home or office to remove and kill harmful particulates leaving balanced humidity and improving air quality.

We have combined our superior service with the Carrier innovated products to bring our customers the highest quality air purifier installation in town. The Carrier brand has been providing heating, cooling, and air quality system for over a century. With the new Carrier Infinity Air Purifier System, there are many benefits including the MERV rating of 15! The higher the MERV rating the more efficiently the cleaner removes particles from your indoor air. The Carrier Infinity system also offers:

– Quiet Performance
– 10-Year Limited Warranty
– 99% Germicidal Rate
– 100% Air Filtration
– Precision Point Ionization
– Carrier Patented Capture and Kill Technology
– Specially designed and charged Media Filter that will last for Months

Neese-Jones Air Purification System Installation –Alpharetta, GA

Neese-Jones has been serving Alpharetta, Georgia and also the surrounding areas since 1992. We know what it takes to keep your indoor air quality balanced, clean, and pure. We take pride in making your indoor air our number one priority from heating in winter, cooling in the summer and also clean indoor air quality throughout the year. As the American, flag blows in the wind so do allergens, pollutants, and other harmful particulates. Now is the time to improve the air quality inside your home and make the best choice you have ever made for your family with your new Carrier Infinity air purification system from Neese-Jones. All our installers are professional, experienced and also honest. Contact us today!