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hvac productsWhen the seasons begin to change in the late spring and fall, homeowners expect their HVAC systems to function reliably and keep the indoor environment comfortable and healthy. When a central air conditioner or heating appliance malfunctions, it is important to contact a dealer who is trained and certified in every aspect of HVAC service, repair and installation.

Our View of the Repair Process

Time is critical when a heating and cooling system breaks down and requires an HVAC repair. A contractor should have a robust service department that includes sufficient manpower, vehicles, equipment and inventory to address multiple jobs simultaneously. Companies with limited resources are often unable to meet the demands of a growing backlog in extreme temperatures. We recognize the importance of replying to a service inquiry quickly and dispatching a technician in a timely manner.

When our technicians arrive at your home or office, they use the latest diagnostic tools to accurately and effectively identify the source of the malfunction. Many common parts are stocked in our service vehicles, and the mechanic will always have the proper tools onsite to complete the job. Once the repair is finished, we will calibrate the system for optimal performance and inspect critical components for any signs of advanced wear.


For every HVAC repair, we only dispatch NATE certified and factory trained technicians with extensive experience working on all major brands of equipment. Their knowledge of the combustion process and refrigeration cycle will help reduce system downtime and lower repair costs.

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance

gas furnace techTo help minimize the likelihood of a catastrophic equipment failure when the weather is severe, we recommend purchasing a comprehensive maintenance agreement. Our technicians visit the customer’s home or office on a seasonal basis and provide a variety of HVAC services designed to uncover potential performance problems before they result in a costly breakdown.

At the customer’s convenience, we will set an appointment to inspect and test vital heating and air conditioning components and calibrate the system to the original manufacturer’s specifications. All of our services ensure continued warranty compliance, and we offer priority and emergency service for all maintenance agreement customers.

Repair or Replace

Equipment that is well built and properly maintained will provide many years of reliable service. However, every HVAC system will eventually need to be replaced due to advanced age or obsolescence. For units that are eight years or older, repair costs and substandard energy efficiency may justify the purchase of a new central heating and air conditioning system. Replacing a 10 SEER air conditioner installed in the early 2000s with a 13 SEER unit can save up to 30 percent on monthly cooling costs.

Modern furnaces and air conditioners are available in efficiencies designed for every budget and level of performance. This includes basic builder and intermediate models, and advanced units featuring a two-stage compressor and multispeed blower.

A Commitment to Service

Serving Alpharetta GA since 1992, Neese Jones Heating & Cooling remains committed to providing the best HVAC installation and repair services in the Atlanta metropolitan area.


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