How do Carrier Infinity Systems Provide Exceptional Home Comfort?

Carrier Home Comfort

Some winter days have us reaching to crank up the thermostat. But as summer approaches; many people find that the issue with the comfort in their home might be due to an aging air conditioning system. As temperatures begin to rise, consider the comfort levels in your home. Do you find yourself hotter than usual on a warm day and some rooms hotter than others? Then you might have issues with your home air conditioning system. True comfort at home has a lot to do with temperature, humidity and air quality. With the Carrier Infinity® system, a super smart heating and cooling system by Carrier®; it is possible to keep your home comfortable year-round; regardless of your local climate by controlling temperature, humidity and air quality within your home.


Infinity System

Essentially, the Infinity® system customizes the indoor climate of your home to create the perfect temperature and level of comfort in your home. The system automatically adapts to local weather to minimize heating waste and to keep you from having to adjust it due to getting too cold or too hot. Humidity is another key to home comfort, which can be hard to control without proper tools. In the winter, air that is too dry makes the home feel colder. In the summer, air that is too damp makes hot conditions feel hotter. The smart features of the Infinity System keep the humidity at a consistently comfortable level to maximize the efficiency of your thermostat.


HVAC Benefits

Additionally, the Infinity® System neutralizes harmful particles in the home. The system can be paired with smart indoor air quality features and top of the line filtration systems that trap dust and pet dander before it circulates back into your house. It can also kill germs and viruses that might be circling the house with UV lights. In winter especially, when doors stay shut, and little fresh air makes it into the house, a circulating cold or flu can linger without filtration. Adding a high efficiency filtrating system with the Infinity® system will provide fresh air that is free of viruses and germs throughout the winter.

The best part of the Infinity® System? It eventually pays off. Not only does it provide you with insights into your energy consumption, but it effectively solves many of the issues that cause excessive energy usage in the first place. Carrier Infinity® Systems can be installed by our highly trained and factory authorized installation professionals. Call today to schedule your estimate and begin experiencing true comfort year round.