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carrier-logoDuct Leakage Test: In this test we connect our Q32 Duct testing machine to your duct system and determine how much air is escaping from your ducts. All ducts leak air! It’s not uncommon for a typical duct system to have leakage of 20%. If your ducts are located in your attic or crawl space you could be wasting a significant amount of energy. Duct leaks waste energy, can cause pressure imbalances in your home, and can pull unhealthy air into your home. We calculate your actual leakage, identify the leaks, and provide repair options. This is a simple way to reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Blower Door Test: This test determines the air infiltration rate or air leakage/exchange rate. The computerized Infiltrometer will evaluate the fresh air exchange and thermal efficiency of your entire home. Our technician will then take the time to show you any problems found, and if requested will provide an estimate for any recommended repairs.

What will the test tell me?


  1. If your house provides enough fresh air ventilation.
  2. How to make your home more comfortable, and lower your utility bills.
  3. How to reduce respiratory allergy suffering.
  4. How to keep outdoor dust and pollen out of your home.

Have rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? We can evaluate your duct system, perform a total static pressure test on your system, measure airflow to each room, and then make recommendations to solve your issues.

Identify why rooms are too hot or too cold

Did you know that most systems do not provide the correct airflow due to improper set up at installation? By measuring the actual external static pressure of your system and then comparing it to the actual blower data provided by the manufacturer, we can set your system up correctly. We then can measure the actual airflow in each room with a flow hood and determine a solution to your problem.