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Heating and Furnace Maintenance

neese-button-heatCentral heating appliances provide warmth and comfort on nights when a chill is in the air, and the outdoor temperature begins to drop. Residential furnaces and heat pumps are complex machines that require periodic maintenance to continue performing at peak efficiency.

Quality HVAC dealers offer seasonal service agreements designed to keep systems operating reliably, which can help avoid a costly heating repair. In terms of total performance over the equipment lifecycle, proper maintenance is even more important than the build quality of the unit.

carrier-logoHeating and cooling systems are often neglected because they are less noticeable than appliances located indoors. For many homeowners, HVAC equipment is largely ignored until it malfunctions. When something eventually does go wrong, the situation becomes reactive, which can lead to high furnace repair costs and permanent damage to the unit.

Regular HVAC maintenance for commercial and residential systems helps ensure that the equipment will continue to operate according to the manufacturer’s original specifications. On a seasonal basis, we dispatch NATE certified technicians trained to service virtually any major brand of equipment. Every technician is equipped with a variety of advanced diagnostic tools designed to identify systemic problems before the unit actually fails.

Our seasonal tune-up packages include a variety of important services specifically designed for heating equipment.

  • Inspect heat exchanger for hairline cracks
  • Adjust burners for optimal combustion efficiency
  • Inspect and calibrate the blower assembly
  • Test and adjust the ignition system
  • Inspect and test the flue pipe assembly
  • Measure and adjust gas pressure to the unit
  • Replace disposable filters
  • Test the refrigerant charge in heat pumps
  • Clean condensate drains and inspect the lines for leaks
  • Clean condensing and evaporator coils
  • Lubricate moving parts
  • Test compressor
  • Inspect electrical connections and tighten where necessary
  • Test and inspect contactors, defrost controls and fan motor
  • Test for continuity and amp draw across all motors

Benefits of Routine Maintenance

gas-furnace-techThere are many benefits associated with regular, routine maintenance performed by a licensed HVAC contractor.

  • Improved Indoor Comfort: Small problems in a heating system can result in significantly degraded indoor comfort. Our technicians measure the temperature and rebalance the air flow to ensure each room is able to maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature.
  • Reduced Heating Repair Costs: Regular maintenance exposes minor problems before they escalate into catastrophic failures. A worn part can place additional stress on other components in the system, which can add additional costs to a heat pump or furnace repair if the unit breaks down.
  • Lower Fuel Bills: We ensure that that heating systems are calibrated to perform at maximum efficiency. Our technicians will inspect your home or office for duct leaks, low levels of insulation and other energy robbing deficits.
  • Safety: A clogged venting system or cracked heat exchanger can create an extreme carbon monoxide hazard, especially when combined with a compromised air distribution system. We verify the integrity of all safety controls during every visit.
  • Discounts and Priority Service: Maintenance agreement customers receive priority service, a 20 percent discount on parts and labor, and emergency service within 24 hours.

Complete Heating & Furnace Service

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