Healthy Solutions for your Home from Neese Jones Heating and Cooling

Healthy Home Solutions –Alpharetta, GA

Do you ever have eye, nose, and throat irritations? What about headaches, dizziness and fatigue? Do you blame these allergy-like symptoms on the season? If you answered yes to these questions, your symptoms could be a result of bad indoor air quality. Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling of Alpharetta, Georgia has the answer with a Carrier Healthy Home Solutions. Your indoor air quality can be 5 times worse than the outdoor air. With more and more people spending the majority of their day indoors, this can be a real problem.

A Carrier Healthy Home Solutions is a line of several different indoor air quality products that provide clean, healthy, and also breathable air. Neese-Jones is your Carrier factory authorized dealer and also your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality team. We offer a free estimate, affordable pricing, and also hassle-free financing. Now through the end of August, Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling has a great deal on Carrier Healthy Home Solutions.

Carrier Healthy Home Solutions Options –Alpharetta, GA

Carrier Air Purifier System: This MERV 15 filtration system is ideal for homeowners or loved ones who have allergies, upper respiratory issues, dogs, smoke, or anyone who wants better health. This whole home air purification system removes, bacteria, fungi, viruses, pollen, and mold spores. It not only promotes better health but offers easy maintenance, extends the life of your traditional HVAC system, and has a limited 10-Year warranty

Carbon Monoxide Alarms: Carrier Carbon Monoxide Alarms are necessary for all homes. This odorless and colorless gas can be and has been fatal. With a Carrier sophisticated carbon monoxide alarm, you will get safety, an easy to read display and a 7-year limited warranty.

UV Germicidal Lights: These efficient low maintenance lights are another option in healthy home solutions. They remove bacteria, mold spores, and fungi from your cooling coils. They offer sterilized efficiency, a 10-year warranty and little maintenance.
Humidifier: The Carrier Humidifier system is necessary during the winter season to keep balanced humidity. Balanced humidity will prevent your home furnishing from cracking as well as your skin. Carrier humidifier systems help lower energy bills, improve the efficiency of your systems and offer a limited manufacturer warranty.

Other Healthy Options – Neese Jones Heating and Cooling

Dehumidifier: A Carrier Dehumidifier is used during the spring and summer months to remove moisture from the air. It keeps mold, mildew and bacteria at bay. These things can be detrimental to your health and well-being. A dehumidifier promotes good health and protects electronics, helps lower energy bills and also offers a limited warranty.

Ventilator: The Carrier Ventilator works behind the scenes to remove pollutants and refresh your indoor environment while saving energy. It offers flexible application, fresh air vent, and a limited 5-Year Warranty.

Air Filters: Carrier air filters offer up to 13 MERV efficiency and are highly effective at removing unwanted airborne pollutants. They clean 100% of the air flowing through your system and help keep your HVAC system running efficiently.

Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling Healthy Home Solutions Installation –Alpharetta, GA

Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling have been serving the Metro Atlanta area since 1992. We are proud to be your Carrier neighborhood heating, cooling, and indoor air-quality team. We know when it comes to choosing the right healthy home solution it can be overwhelming. That is why our factory trained and authorized installers will help you through the entire installation process. From financing to finish, our installers are N.A.T.E certified, professional and trustworthy experts. We offer 24-hour service, hassle-free financing and always guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. At Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling, our mission is to provide Alpharetta and the surrounding areas with reliable, comfortable, and safe heating, cooling and indoor air quality. The seasons are constantly changing, don’t let the air in your home cause you and your loved one’s health issues. Contact Neese-Jones Heating and Cooling and schedule your Carrier Healthy Home Solution today.