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neese button acA residential or light commercial HVAC system represents a significant investment in indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Modern central air conditioners are complex machines that require periodic maintenance to continue operating at peak performance, especially in hot and humid climates like Alpharetta, GA.

To avoid an unexpected breakdown and the associated costly repair, an air conditioning maintenance agreement is an essential element in a comprehensive equipment management program. In many respects, A/C maintenance is more important than the actual build quality of the unit itself.

Understanding A/C Maintenance Agreements

carrier logoModern air conditioners are engineered to include a variety of high-tech electrical and mechanical components. Systems tend to malfunction during the hottest days of the summer when the equipment is under tremendous stress. Worn parts almost always fail during intense heat, which is exactly when the home’s occupants need the equipment to perform reliably. Service call lead times are often longer on hot days, and a faulty air conditioner can affect the health and safety of young children and the elderly.

Residential maintenance agreements provide periodic routine service designed to maximize efficiency and identify potential problems before they become catastrophic failures.

A/C Services for Maintenance Customers

ac wideRegular air conditioning service helps ensure that heating and cooling systems continue to perform at design specifications. Routine maintenance can also maximize the lifecycle of the equipment and is usually a provision of the manufacturer’s warranty. Our factory trained and Nate certified technicians use a variety of diagnostic tools to test and verify the integrity of individual components as well as the capacity of the overall system.

Seasonal air conditioning tune ups include comprehensive testing, inspection and adjustment of critical A/C system components:

  • Circuit boards
  • Primary and secondary condensate drains
  • Fan assembly
  • Blower
  • Contactors
  • Defrost controls
  • Compressor

We also check the refrigerate pressure level and record the temperature drop across the coil. Other important services include cleaning the evaporator and condensing coils and changing to maximize indoor comfort.


Customers who choose to purchase an A/C maintenance agreement also enjoy the benefits of priority service, emergency service within 24 hours and a 20 percent discount on parts and labor.

The Benefits of an Air Conditioning Service Agreement

Ongoing air conditioning maintenance helps save money on monthly energy bills while enhancing indoor comfort. For areas with high heat and humidity, a maintenance agreement helps avoid costly unexpected repairs and can appreciably extend the service life of the equipment.

As a full-service contractor, Neese Jones Heating & Cooling provides economical solutions for every heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality challenge.


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