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neese button acSummer weather in Metro Atlanta is hot and humid, and air conditioning is a necessity for proper temperature and humidity control. Unfortunately, cooling equipment tends to breakdown on the hottest days, which can force a family to abandon their home until an A/C repair is completed. In markets that rely heavily on air conditioning, establishing a relationship with an experienced and qualified air conditioning repair contractor is critical.

A/C Repair Diagnostics

Air conditioners are complex machines that contain numerous moving parts and high-tech components. When a unit breaks down, we dispatch factory trained and NATE certified technicians equipped with the latest and most advanced diagnostic tools to quickly locate the source of the malfunction. A/C equipment issues can usually be traced to an electrical or mechanical failure. Common problems include low refrigerant, dirty coils, clogged filters, dead circuit boards and burned out motors.

carrier logoDuring a repair, we strive to work quickly with minimal disruption to the customer’s surroundings and lifestyle. After identifying the faulty components, we complete the required repairs, calibrate the unit for optimal performance, and check for any additional areas of concern. When the work is finished, our invoice amount will always match the final estimate.

An A/C repair can be very time sensitive, and smaller air conditioning companies with limited resources often develop a significant backlog during extreme weather. We understand the frustration customers experience when they are unable to receive a prompt response to a service problem. We continue to invest in staff, training, inventory, vehicles and equipment in order to provide the best heating and A/C service in Alpharetta GA and the surrounding areas.

Selecting an Air Conditioning Repair Company

ac wideChoosing an HVAC company is an important decision. Beyond the immediate repair, a qualified heating and cooling contractor should provide a variety of important services.

Training and Certification:
The service provider should be capable of repairing every major brand of equipment and completing warranty service according to the manufacturer’s terms. For any new installation, verify the contractor has a factory authorized designation.

Some repairs are time critical and can affect the health and safety of the occupants. Dealers with a strong commitment to service offer 24/7 access to a live representative and emergency service for catastrophic failures.

Maintenance Agreements:
A maintenance agreement is an important tool for detecting potential problems prior to an actual breakdown. Technicians perform a variety of periodic services designed to keep HVAC systems operating at peak efficiency while providing maximum indoor comfort.

Repair Your A/C or Replace Your A/C?

Proper maintenance can help extend the equipment lifecycle, but eventually, every air conditioning system will need to be replaced. This can be triggered by escalating repair costs or energy efficiency obsolescence. We invite you to explore our numerous replacement equipment options, which can reduce monthly cooling costs by 30 percent or more depending on the SEER rating of the replacement model.

As an added incentive, we have manufacturer rebates and coupons available to make installation of qualifying heating and cooling equipment more affordable! Call 770-884-4575 for more information!

Committed to Quality Air Conditioning Repair Service

For those living in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Neese Jones Heating & Cooling provides honest and professional air conditioning repair services for every residential and light commercial requirement.


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