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neese button acAir conditioning is a necessity in areas with hot and humid summers in Georgia. A well-maintained HVAC system helps keep a home or office healthy, comfortable and energy efficient. Modern air conditioners cool and dehumidify while using far less electricity than earlier generations. Some Air Conditioning systems can save up to 30 percent on monthly cooling costs when compared to older outdated systems.

Comfort by A/C System Design

carrier logoThe foundation for a successful AC installation begins in the system engineering phase. Designers work to establish the air conditioning load for the entire structure and the individual sub-domains. These calculations are performed according to ACCA Manual J standards, which identify the specific capacity requirements used to select the equipment.

Manual J evaluates a variety of different factors in determining the total air conditioner’s load including:

  • Size of the Building
  • Local Temperature and Humidity History
  • R-Values for Ceiling and Wall Assemblies
  • Building Envelope Integrity
  • Duct Leakage
  • Internally Generated Loads

Many HVAC contractors continue to size equipment by outdated methods such as the “square feet per ton” formula. The energy consumption characteristics of different buildings vary substantially, and using outdated sizing schemes can result in systems that are grossly inadequate.

An air conditioning installation that has oversized equipment may short cycle, which degrades indoor comfort and can increase operating costs. This condition is most commonly noticed in homes that have stale air movement, poor humidity control and a general feeling of discomfort. Undersized air conditioners may not have enough total capacity to satisfy the thermostat call in severe weather. Building occupants may remain uncomfortable throughout the day, and the excessive wear on the equipment can lead to repeated breakdowns and premature system failure.

The A/C Installation Process

ac wideOnce the system has been properly engineered, our factory trained and certified technicians begin the air conditioning installation process. This includes an onsite measure and draw service to ensure actual construction conditions match the associated drawings. In new construction, the air distribution system will be installed during the rough in stage, and the equipment will be set during the completion phase.


For replacement systems, the old unit must be removed and the refrigerant recovered. The new air handler will be properly transitioned and fitted to the existing ductwork. In every retrofit application, our technicians strive to work efficiently with minimal disruption to the customer’s daily routine.

A/C Powered by Superior Science for Better Comfort

Purchasing a new central air conditioning system is a major investment in enhanced comfort and superior efficiency. For new construction and replacement systems in the Atlanta metropolitan area, Neese Jones Heating & Cooling is the expert in AC installation, service and repair.


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